Thursday, April 26, 2007

Roy's Leg Pipe, Started Working on Dome Drive Servo Mechanism

Roy Powers dropped by for a while, and he got to experience the joy of drilling through steel pipe. He needed to use my drill to get started drilling the holes in the steel pipe for the bolts that hold his R2's legs together. There's an inner and outer pipe that were drilled.

Meanwhile, I finally got to work on the servo mechanism for my dome drive. I started by filing some material off of the servo horn disc.

I iteratively filed the disc and fitted it on the servo, and used the remote control to turn the servo clockwise and counterclockwise. As the disc turns, it bumps into switches that will cause the dome motor to turn one way or the other, depending on which way the servo rotates and which switch (left or right) the disc hits as it rotates.

I removed a greater amount of material from the top of the disc, so that both switches are never pressed at the same time when the disc pivots. I plan to mount the servo, wooden switch holders and switches permanently to the PVC base tomorrow.

By the way, the dome drive wheel problem from yesterday may be due to the shaft adapter bumping into the frame. I'll Dremel a little more material from the frame and see if that solves the problem.

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