Friday, April 27, 2007

Widened Dome Drive Groove in Frame, Finished Dome Drive Servo Mechanism

Tonight I fixed the problem with the dome drive wheel not grabbing the Rockler bearing as it spun. Sure enough, because I trimmed some of the edge off of the wheel to keep it from wobbling, I needed to bring the whole assembly closer to the bearing. The problem was that the shaft adapter was running into the groove in the frame that was meant to allow access to the bearing. So I widened the groove and now the dome drive works as it should.

Next, I finished up the servo mechanism that will trigger dome rotation.

I attached a couple of wooden blocks from behind with screws onto the PVC servo holder. Then I drilled pilot holes and screwed down the switches that will be bumped by the servo horn disc. The switches will be wired up to the dome drive motor.

Now, when the left stick on the remote is centered, neither switch is pressed.

When the stick is pulled to the left, the servo rotates and bumps the left switch.

When the stick is pulled to the right, the servo rotates in the opposite direction, and bumps the right switch.

Tune in again tomorrow, there may be some interesting developments.

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