Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Goofed Up Dome Drive Wheel, Sanded Down Foot Shell Door Backs, Built Receiver Battery Housing, Attached Battery Boxes

Another day of variety.

First, I attempted to smooth out the wobble of my dome drive wheel ("attempted" should clue you in on where this is going). I clamped the motor in a vise, and held the Dremel with the drum sander next to the wheel, and fired up the Saturn wiper motor. The idea is that as the wheel turns and wobbles, the Dremel shaves some material off of the wheel, making for a smooth edge.

Unfortunately, my results were not so great. The wheel still has a slight wobble, and even worse, when I tried the wheel out with the dome drive on my R2, the wheel did not grab and spin the Rockler bearing consistently. I'm not sure if I can salvage this wheel. If not, I do have another identical, untouched wheel I can use, and I have already verified that I can remove the current wheel.

Mike had commented that the gears might bump into the inside of the foot shell doors, so while I had the Dremel out, I trimmed a little material off of the back of the doors, near where the gears are. I'm pretty sure the gears won't hit the doors now.

Next, I sawed and bent some aluminum angle bar to form the remote control receiver battery holder.

There will be an additional bar that goes across the front of the battery to keep it in place. This will be attached to the inside of my wooden frame.

Finally, I wrapped up by attaching the battery boxes to the foot shells. I drilled small pilot holes in the battery boxes.

Then I used wood screws with a long thread on them (not sure how else to describe them), to attach the battery boxes to the foot shells. The drivetrain still fits just fine in both shells, although I took the right foot's drivetrain out of the shell.

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