Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Started Dome Servo Mounting Plate, Trimmed Foot Shells for Drivetrain Gears, Removed Some Door Holders, Drilled and Pinned Dome Drive Wheel

Today I worked on an eclectic set of droid building tasks.

First, I started working on a mounting plate for the servo mechanism that will trigger the spinning of the dome. The mechanism's workings will become clearer over the next day or two, but this particular piece will house a servo.

First I traced the servo outline on the PVC mounting plate, and then I used the Dremel with the cutoff wheel attachment to cut out the rectangle.

The servo fits in just right. This will be mounted to one of the vertical wooden planks in my frame.

Next, I returned to the foot shells. When I installed the drivetrain chain the other day, I had to move a couple of the gears on each foot outward, causing them to interfere with the foot shells. I was able to trim a small amount of material from the inside of the foot shells with the Dremel drum sander, and now the gears fit inside the foot shells with a small amount of clearance.

I needed to remove the two bottom door holders on the back of each outer foot shell door, as these also interfere with the gears. I didn't consider the positioning of these very carefully when I first installed them. So I trimmed the holders off with the Dremel drum sander. Once I got down to the last sub-millimeter, I could just peel the rest off. I'll recut and reglue some new ones in better locations on each outer door shortly.

Finally, I wrapped up by pinning the dome drive scooter wheel to its shaft adapter.

A while ago I had drilled a hole into the wheel, and pushed some 1/8" diameter rod through to act as a set screw. I was able to pull that out and recycle the hole.

This time I drilled through the wheel and shaft adapter, much like yesterday's exercise.

Then I cut a new section of 1/8" diameter rod, and pushed it through the hole, pinning the wheel to the shaft adapter.

I need to do a little drum sanding on the wheel to ensure that there is zero wobble as it spins, and I need to install the spring that pulls the dome drive wheel into the Rockler bearing. Then the dome drive itself will be done.

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