Saturday, April 14, 2007

Continued Working on Dome Drive

After a rare day off from building yesterday, I resumed work on the dome drive.

First, I needed to cut a shaft adapter that is longer that the ones used on the feet, since this one has to pass through the frame and wheel. More hacksawing through solid steel.

Next, I trimmed a couple of corners off of my dome drive bar (again hacksawing through steel), and then drilled the pivot hole.

I drilled a hole in the frame and attached the dome drive with a 1/4" bolt, using some washers to help with the spacing and to distribute the stress. The fit seems pretty much perfect. I'm using a foot shaft adapter as a temporary stand-in, until I can drill the longer piece that I cut today.

Oh yeah, and I also visited the R2 mailbox closest to my house (about 11 miles away). This mailbox is in Newport Beach, CA.


Matthew Henricks said...


Where in Newport is the Mailbox?

Victor Franco said...


3014 Balboa Blvd.