Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lunch with Daniel, Mike Rescues Battery Box

Several of us got together for lunch today at Red Robin with Daniel Deutsch. From left: Daniel Deutsch, Guy Vardaman, Matt Munson, Victor Franco, Vince Sanchez, Mike Senna, Chris Romines.

Just when Mike thought lunch was over and he could go home, I dragged him over to my house and put him to work. I was at a loss on what could be done to salvage the right battery box to make it fit the drivetrain. Mike analyzed the problem and quickly came up with a plan.

First, he lengthened the slots at the top of the wheel housing with the Dremel, to allow the wheel housing to slide further back. This allows the motor to scoot back without running into the wheel housing.

Next, he drilled four new holes in the main bar, with the bar positioned about 3/8" further back than it had been. Since the motor mount hangs from the main bar, this moved the motor back, allowing the motor tip to barely fit inside the battery box.

Finally, to allow more room for the 22-tooth gear, Mike Dremeled some material off of the wheel housing near the bearing.

After Mike left, I got busy chopping on the right battery box, which I had given up for dead a few days ago.

I had to remove some material from the inside of the battery box, near the tip of the motor, to get everything to fit.

Success!! This was the last potential show-stopper (that I know of, at least). I just need to keep moving forward now, and not mess anything up.

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