Thursday, April 12, 2007

Started Drilling Dome Drive Bar

This morning I went to Industrial Metal Supply and picked up a 12"x3"x3/16" steel bar. I had them cut it in half, into 6" long segments. I plan to use this for the bar that the Saturn wiper motor will hang from for my dome drive.

Using one of my drivetrain motor mounts as a template, I drilled four holes into the bar. I was unable to use the 7/8" Forstner bit that I used on the drivetrain for the middle hole, that bit won't go through steel. Instead I used a regular 1/2" drill bit.

The holes seem to line up okay. I will probably try using the Dremel to widen the center hole to 7/8", so that the 3/4" shaft adapter can fit through it. Right now it is completely above the bar.

I will drill one more hole toward the opposite end of the bar, and that will be the pivot point through which a bolt will go. The bolt will then pass on through the top of the frame, and allow a spring underneath the top of the frame to pull the dome drive wheel into the Rockler bearing.

I'm using the hex cap screws to hold the motor on at the moment, but I will likely have to replace at least two of the three hex cap screws with countersunk machine screws so that nothing rubs against the bottom side of the top of the frame.

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