Sunday, March 04, 2007

Worked on Foot Shell Top Slots, Reinforcements & Door Frames with Mike

Mike and I continued working on the foot shells today.

We started off by cutting the grooves to form the slot in the top of shells. Mike pushed while I pulled on the sled to feed these through on the table saw. The cuts turned out very good. A couple of simple horizontal cuts and the slots will be open.

Next we cut some reinforcements for the inside corners of the foot shells, and glued them in.

We wrapped up by starting work on the door frames for our center feet. We got the top, left and right sides cut and glued in. We plan to finish up the door work next weekend.

I also asked Mike for his opinion on my motor mount boo-boo from yesterday, and he advised me to recut and redrill. That's the plan.

Mike's foot shell quote of the day: "Remind me never to do this again."

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