Saturday, March 03, 2007

Drilled Drive Train Motor Mounts, Marked Foot Shell Tops for Cutting, Fun with Remote

After another evening of chatting with R2 builders last night, I returned to work on my droid.

I did a last bit of sanding on the filling I've been doing on the outer feet, and I think they are good to go, at least until I glue the bottom strips on. Then another round of filling and sanding in that area. :/

Most of the day was spent drilling holes in the drivetrain motor mounts. In some cases I measured, marked, and drilled.

Four of the holes on each motor mount are tapped with a 4-40 tap.

In other cases, I used a spare H&A drivetrain that Mike loaned me to use as a template, which I found handy for some of the trickier hole patterns.

Things turned out pretty good, but I found afterward that the motors are riding a bit high on the motor mount. This will cause the motor to bump into the flat metal bar that the motor mount hangs from. I will either shim the motor mount away from the metal bar, or simply cut out the material from the metal bar that is getting in the way. I haven't decided yet.

I also marked up the foot shell tops, Mike and I plan to cut the slots out of the tops tomorrow.

And I couldn't avoid playing with the remote some more. I hooked up the Keycoder 16 to the CFSound III, and I played R2's sounds using the remote for the first time! I had the sound system and speaker in the droid, and he was chirping happily. That was neat.

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