Monday, March 05, 2007

Finished Cutting Slots from Foot Shell Tops

Tonight I finished the cuts that Mike and I started yesterday on the tops of the foot shells.

I started by using my Dremel with the cutoff wheel attachment to slice the main part of the material away.

Next, I smoothed out the remaining part with a file. I switched to a finer file, followed by an emery board, to smooth these out.

I will still need to bring these slots down a bit further, but I am waiting to do some more drivetrain work first, so I can fit the aluminum into the foot shell and see exactly how far down the slots need to be brought, in order to line them up with the channel that will fit within them.


agdros said...

Absolutely fantastic foot shells. I am in awe of the combined powers of Victor and Mike.

Victor Franco said...

Thank you! We pledge to use our super powers only for good, never for evil.