Sunday, March 18, 2007

Started Cutting Permanent Center Foot

Way back in February of last year, I made a quick, sloppy center foot to get my droid on three legs. Now it's time to make the permanent center foot that will fit inside my PVC foot shell.

Today simply consisted of lots of cuts to make up the top part of the center foot.

First, there is the rectangular base that the wooden channels will ride atop.

And then there are the channel walls themselves.

I cut the channel walls 1/2" higher than normal so that I could add 1/2" thick supports on each side to help keep them from buckling.

The final result is a nice channel that fills the foot shell groove in the middle. The center ankle fits perfectly in there.

A layer of rubber will go underneath today's work, and beneath that will go a couple of layers of 1/2" plywood glued together. The two caster wheels will attach to the plywood. I may have to find smaller casters (I can salvage the nice wheels), the footprint of the top of them is too large.

I wrapped up by test-fitting the outer foot shells on the ankles to see if they fit. The left shell fits fine, but the channel gap in the right shell needs to be widened a tad in order for the right ankle to fit. I'll do some light filing and all should be well.


Matthew Henricks said...


Off topic. The last picture you posted last night shows your octogon port. Is the outside of it painted blue or is it all Silver? Looks silver to me but i thought they were blue and silver.

Victor Franco said...


Good eye. Yeah, mine are all silver, and yes, they should have blue along the perimeter. I followed Mike's original painting scheme a little to closely, he has since repainted his perimeter blue.

I think there are some shots of R2 here and there that show all silver, but I should have done the blue.

I can easily remove my octagon ports and add the blue, but right now that's pretty low on my priority list.