Monday, March 19, 2007

Marked Drivetrain for Drilling Holes for Axles

I didn't get a whole lot done tonight. All I had time to do was mark the drivetrain aluminum where I'll be drilling 1-3/8" diameter holes for the wagon wheel bearings that will go in place for the wheel axles. I plan to visit a friend-of-a-friend's machine shop tomorrow evening to drill these relatively large holes.

On a less delightful note, Mike confirmed my fears that the poplar wood I used yesterday for the center foot will not be structurally strong enough. I'll need to use plywood.

I had chosen the poplar because I am just about out of 1/2" plywood, and what little I have is of questionable quality. I have lots of nice smooth poplar, but I had a sinking feeling it would not be structurally sound.

Well, I built the temporary center foot more than once, why not the permanent one? By the time this droid is done I will have almost built two of them - one for real, and one for the scrap bin.

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