Thursday, March 01, 2007

Remote Arrived!

Sixty-four days after I ordered my remote control, it finally arrived. This was the last (and by far most expensive) piece of the puzzle.

Included were the Futaba T9CAP transmitter with the Vantec Keycoder 16 module installed, the radio receiver, the Keycoder 16 receiver/demultiplexer, the RDFR23 speed controller, and four digital servos (along with some other goodies like the wall charger, neck strap, etc.).

The transmitter battery was fully charged, but the receiver battery had just enough charge to test a couple of the servos for about five seconds before the juice was gone. I'll charge the receiver battery for a good 18 hours and play around a bit. I have a lot of reading to do. (Don't let the airplane graphic on the LCD mislead you, this is tuned for a 75MHz ground frequency, channel 79.)

Oh yeah, I also applied a bit more Bondo to smooth out the remaining seams and bumps on the outer foot shells. I'll sand tomorrow, and then the foot shells will be ready for the gluing of the bottom strips, and the cutting of the slots at the top.

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