Saturday, March 24, 2007

Recut Top of Center Foot, Mounted Half Moons

A big thank you to Matthew Henricks, who generously donated some 1/2" high quality plywood for the rebuild of my center foot.

The bad news is that I had to junk my center foot made from poplar, the good news is that today's recut of the center foot from Matthew's plywood went extremely fast, as I was able to use the poplar center foot pieces to guide the plywood cuts.

Like last week's version, this version seems to have turned out pretty good. The fit is just about right. Note that I still need to build up the bottom of the foot to accept the caster wheels.

Next, I returned to the foot shells. Today I mounted the half moons onto the doors.

I started by placing all the parts on the foot shell doors. The outer foot shell doors have a few details on them, while the center foot shell doors just have the resin half moon pieces.

I traced each item, and then removed everything except the half moon, and taped it down in place.

I placed another half moon on the drill press table, so that when I set the door upside down with its half moon taped underneath it, the back of the door would be perpendicular to the drill bit. I marked a location on the back of the door dead-center, and two more marks one inch to the left and right, for the three #4 1/2" screws that will hold the half moons onto each door.

The doors seem to be holding the half moons just great!

I had intentions of getting the door holders installed today, but that didn't happen. One of these days it will though.

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