Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ground Down Wheel Hubs, Drilled Ankle Drivetrain Holes, Drilled Shaft Adapters, Cut Battery Boxes

Today I went back to Mike's, where good things always happen.

I showed Mike the very tight fit of the wheels in the wheel housings. Mike took the wheels to the bench grinder to help get them to fit much better. Mike ground down the first one, I did the other three. After the wheels were shaved, we added lubricant. Now the wheels spin nice and free in the wheel housing.

The grinder makes neat sparks.

I had been paralyzed with fear on making one of the last cuts to the drivetrain, the hole for the ankle bolt that attaches the drivetrain to the tip of the leg. I wasn't sure how best to drill this hole. Should the channels be cut separately? Together? How to position them?

In the end, we drilled both channels as they would be mounted in the drivetrain. We drilled slowly and were able to successfully drill straight holes, 1/2" in diameter. I plan to use a 1/2"-to-3/8" bushing, and a 3/8" bolt in the hole.

We also drilled some more shaft adapters, using the 3/4" steel rod I had cut this past week.

Last on the agenda was cutting out a square from each of the battery boxes, for maintenance purposes. This square will be on the inboard side of the battery boxes, and will be held in by a screw in each corner.

Mike used his super-human Dremel abilities to cut very straight lines with the small saw blade attachment. The first battery box gave Mike a pretty good coating of PVC dust.

He managed to avoid a second coating when he cut the other battery box.

The drivetrains are almost done. I just need to drill and countersink the four holes in each main bar for the motor mounts, and I need to assemble the chain.

Thanks for the two millionth time, Mike. The finish line is drawing closer, I won't be bothering you for help that much longer.

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