Monday, March 26, 2007

Main Batteries Arrive, Attached Foot Shell Doors, Marked Main Bar for Drilling

Today, the batteries I ordered from arrived. I ordered a total of eight 6-volt, 12 amp-hour batteries. My foot and dome motors will run off of 24 volts, so those will be wired in series. The sound system runs off of 12 volts. (The dome electronics run separately off of four D cells.)

I ordered enough batteries to have a spare set when needed. The 6-volt package is reasonably small and inexpensive.

I finally installed the foot shell doors tonight.

First, I taped the doors in place, as centered as I could get them.

Next, I glued down little squares of PVC. The squares on top have rectangles that extend above them. They are fixed behind the top door frame. The bottom squares will have similar rectangles on them too, but those rectangles will pivot on a nail. That way the doors can lock and unlock from behind, by reaching underneath and pivoting them. The doors then slide out from the bottom.

There are also a couple of small strips on the diagonal sides, to help center the doors left-to-right. All Mike's idea.

I wrapped up tonight's work by marking the main bar for drilling, where the motor mounts will be held in with screws. Hopefully I'll drill those tomorrow, and then all the cutting and drilling on the drivetrain will be done! Unless I find a problem, that is.

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