Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Installed Bearings, Wheels on Drivetrain

I spent most of the evening in the garage tonight, fitting the bearings into the holes that were drilled into the wheel housings yesterday. The bearings are slightly tapered, enough that they didn't quite fit through the holes. I used the drill press with the drum sander to sand the edge off the bearing. I let the bearing spin at a slow, constant rate against the sanding drum, in order to get an even sanding all the way around.

Once the bearings were all pressed into the holes, it was another chore to get the wheels in there. It is a very tight fit. I had to sand down the inboard side of the bearings to get everything to fit, and it is under stress. I may go back and sand some more, to relieve some of the stress.

The axles went in without too much fuss, it's just a matter of aligning everything perfectly.

I wrapped up tonight's work by screwing the channel down in place and installing some of the gears, to see how it all fit together. I think everything is still looking good.

I still need to drill four holes in each main bar to hold the motor mounts, and I need to drill holes in the channel for the ankle bolts. At that point, the main part of the drivetrain will be done, and all I will need to do is install the chain. I also still need to install the doors on the foot shells.

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