Monday, March 12, 2007

Cut and Glued Outer Foot Shell Door Frame Bottoms, Bondo for Outer Shell Foot Strips & Center Foot Shell

First off, I should mention that I had to do some photo maintenance tonight. If you see anything wrong with photos from the past, especially between February 17, 2007 and March 11, 2007, please let me know so I can address the issue(s). Now, on to today's update.

I love daylight savings! It means I get more daylight after work, and that's a good thing. This evening I used that extra daylight to cut the 34 degrees from the strips that make up the bottom of the door frame for the outer foot shells.

As usual, I used the smelly Oatley PVC glue to glue the strips in place.

I normally don't use clamps to hold the bonded surfaces of PVC together, but on a particularly thin strip I decided to do so. I will trim the freshly glued-on strips down with the Dremel soon, much like I did those for the center foot shell yesterday.

I wrapped up by doing some minor gap filling on the strips for the bottoms of the outer feet, and on the center foot shell. I plan to glue those strips onto the outer feet sometime this week.

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