Saturday, February 17, 2007

More Foot Shell Work at Mike's

Today was a pretty exciting day, things are starting to come together for the foot shells.

Mike showed me the current state of his outer foot shells. He has trimmed the curved sides and glued them in place.

The first item of business for my foot shells was to trim the curved sides to size. This was an iterative process; trim, fit, trim, fit. Mike cut them perfectly to size.

Next up was cutting the bottom strips to size for center foot shell. These are simple 45 degree cuts with no beveled edge (yea!).

I made a practice cut, as I plan to cut the bottom strips for the outer feet during this three-day weekend.

Mike cut these perfectly too, ready for sanding and gluing.

Mike trimmed down the overhang of some of the edges on the outer foot shells with the Dremel cutoff wheel, followed by the drum sander, to wrap up the day.

I hope to glue up and trim the rest of my outer foot shells too here at home during this weekend. I can feel the momentum starting to build again, it's a good feeling.

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