Friday, February 16, 2007

Added Volume Control

Tonight I decided to add a volume control to my CFSound III system.

Unlike the CFSound II, the CFSound III has no volume knob. Instead, there are two physical push buttons for volume-up and volume-down. These aren't too useful when the sound system is buttoned up inside R2.

Fortunately, there is a three-pin header on the board that can also be used to control the volume. One of the outer pins is volume-up, the other is volume-down. When ground is jumpered between an outside pin and the middle pin, the volume adjusts accordingly.

I connected a three-pin cable (like the kind used for a computer fan) to the three-pin connector on the CFSound III board. I had to trim the beige plastic on the connector down a bit, in order for the Contact Sense 24 card that sits above the connector to fit properly. I also had to trim about 1mm off one corner of a green connector on the Contact Sense 24.

I drilled a 1/4" hole in the side of the box for the cable to fit through. After drilling the hole, I cut a small slot for the wires to slide through as well.

It works! Once I get my remote control system (which I'm still waiting for), I'll connect the wires so that I can control the volume via the remote.

1 comment:

Calvin Thomas said...

Man, Your moving on strong!!
Can't wait to get mine that far along.
I plan to use that Sound system in mine also.
Thanks for the comment on my dome,
It's starting to look like R2 and the Silicone worked GREAT!!!
I did use the VHB tape on the panels and I have 1 panel that must be bent, Because I can't get it to lay down completely.
I think it will be OK though.