Sunday, February 18, 2007

Foot Shell Gluing, Lower Strips Prepped

Today I glued up some of the cuts from yesterday.

First I glued in the curved sides of the outer foot shells. These were actually glued in right-side up, but after the PVC glue had dried, I turned the foot shells over and oozed some more PVC glue on the seams from the inside, for further reinforcement.

Next, I glued down the bottom strips on the center foot.

Last up was sanding smooth the outer faces of the bottom strips for the outer feet. I also cleaned up the little "windows" in the strips as much as I could. This actually took longer than all the gluing combined.

Tomorrow I plan to trim the bottom strips for the outer foot shells to size. I also plan to trim off the overhang on the outer feet. After that, I should be able to glue the bottom strips onto them. Then those outer foot shells will really start to look real!

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