Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Drivetrain Parts Arrive, Started Sanding Doors for Outer Feet

My order from McMaster-Carr arrived today. This pretty much rounds out the remaining parts I need for the drivetrain. For some strange reason, two of the 11-tooth gears are being shipped from Chicago, while the other four were part of today's shipment. Must be an inventory issue or something.

The screws and nuts only come in bulk packages, but they are relatively inexpensive, compared to the gears and chain at least.

I started sanding down the edges of the doors that go on the outer foot shells tonight.

There's supposed to be a 1/8" gap between the door and the foot shell. I'm just about there with the first door, I probably need to sand a bit more.

This is almost as glamorous as when I sanded the resin eye.

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