Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cut Side Details & Strips for Outer Feet

Before I forget to mention it, allows users to search its blogs. You can look up something like "wedges" and find any page that might be dealing with the ankle wedges. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog entry.

For the first time in a while, I was able to work on a very easy part of the build, the details and strips that adorn the doors of the outer feet. Like the rest of the foot shells, these are made from 1/8" thick PVC.

I cut some PVC scrap that I had sitting around for these parts. First I cut a strip for the width of the side detail, and then another for the side strip.

Next I cut the required angles with the a miter saw.

At this point, the side strips are done, but the side details have a curve that needs to be cut from one side. I started the curve with the Dremel using the cutoff wheel attachment, and I finished it with the drum sander attachment.

As mentioned above, these parts go on the outer doors, along with the half-moons. I still need to trim the door edges. I should have done that today, but I forgot(!). The center door looks like a baby door when compared to the outer door.


Calvin Thomas said...

Is there a difference in the moons on the inner and outer feet.
I have looked at the blueprints that I could find and only found the outer.

Victor Franco said...


There is a small difference in the thickness of the moons, the center foot's half moons are slightly thicker for some reason. I've e-mailed you the PDF blueprints that I have for both the center and outer feet.


Calvin Thomas said...

Thank you very much!!!!
I had taken a chance and gambled on the center foot moons being thicker and luckly it payed off.
Thanks again for the PDF.