Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cut and Glued Strips at Bottom of Curve for Outer Feet

Last weekend Mike and I worked on the top end of the curve of the outer foot shells. This week we worked on the bottom of the curve.

We cut two strips of 1/4" styrene for each foot shell. One strip was 5/8" wide, the other 7/8" wide. They only need to be 1/2" wide, but we cut them wider so that we can glue them together and trim them as a pair. The reason for the extra 1/4" on one of the strips will be apparent in a moment.

I made the first 5/8" cut, and it turned out less than spectacular. Mike wisely decided to do the subsequent cuts.

Mike chopped the strips, which were about 4' long, down to size on the miter saw.

Next, we glued the two strips together.

Once the PVC glue had dried and the two pieces were bonded, Mike cut the glued up pair down so that the piece that is visible to the outside world was 1/2" wide.

The end result is that we have a continuation of the curve at the bottom of the foot. The whole thing is rotated 90 degrees for glue up. The pieces will be trimmed to size, sanded and finished in due time. It may not look pretty now, but trust me, it will later.

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