Sunday, February 04, 2007

Doors Cut for Outer Foot Shells

I have to admit, R2 building has been mostly a spectator sport for me when it comes to the foot shell build, and today was no exception. But it really is for the best. Also, keep in mind Mike is building himself a set of foot shells, so we're doing a pair of these.

Today Mike cut the doors for the outer feet. He started by removing one of the doors from his first R2, and tracing a line with a pin on the PVC.

Next, it was a matter of cutting along the lines. The straight parts of the doors were cut out with a Dremel and a mini saw blade attachment.

The curved corners were milled out by using a small drill bit on the Dremel. Learning from experience, we used a thinner bit than the one used for the center foot shell. This allows us to sand the edges of the doors down so that the proper 1/8" gap can be made to size. On the center foot shells, we used a 1/8" bit, and that didn't leave much of a margin for error.

They turned out great!

I plan to glue up the top, front, back and one side (the side with the door) during the week. The next time Mike and I get together (and that could be a couple of weeks or more), we intend to trim the remaining oversized areas down, and then start gluing up the rest. The end is in sight! In the meantime, I need to get back to work on that drivetrain...

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