Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reglued Left Cylinder Wedge, Secured Coin Slots & Front Power Coupler

This morning I used silicone to reglue the cylinder wedge on the left leg to the newly reseated cylinder.

In the evening I worked on securing the coin slots in place. Not having enough wood left for screws to dig into, I decided to bend some metal bar into an 'S' shape.

Then I screwed the bar onto the frame, thus pressing the coin slots in place.

That worked pretty well, so I applied the same idea to the front power coupler, which until now had been held in from behind by the high-tech solution of wadded newspaper.


Calvin Thomas said...

Did your coin slots fit all the way in against the skin?
Is it suppose to slide all the way or does it only go in so far?
Mine are not sliding all the way in and I tought I might have to file the skin alittle

Victor Franco said...


My coin slots do not fit all the way against the inside of the skins. I believe this is mostly due to my frame getting in the way. In my case, the coin slots fit through the skins to the point that the slanted slot edges just about make it all the way through, which I think is good enough for me.

I'm not sure if the coin slots would make it all the way if my frame were not in the way. Mike Senna once mentioned that he had to lightly file the skins to get his to fit the way they do, so it is possible that you may be seeing the same issue. He was using the older coin slot design though, which had longer coin slots.