Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Foot Shell Strip Cutting

A fun-filled evening cutting tiny pieces of PVC with a hacksaw. I cut down several of the strips of PVC that Mike and I cut this past Sunday. Tonight I focused mainly on the center foot.

Each bottom edge of the foot will have a 0.6" tall backing plate, and from top to bottom, three rows of 0.2" tall PVC pieces that will be glued on top of the backing plate. The top row consists of a 0.2" tall strip of PVC running the length of the edge of the foot. The middle row has several "window separator" pieces of PVC cut to spec. The bottom row is another 0.2" tall strip of PVC running the length of the edge of the foot.

Thirty-eight small window pieces were cut for all three feet (this includes some spares), along with trimming the 24" strips down to size for the top and bottom rows of the center foot. The strips of PVC are cut a little long, to allow for trimming to exact size later at glue-up time.


Anonymous said...


You'll want the end center pieces (the rungs of the ladder) to extend even with the full length. We'll be trimming them down, so that's to make sure there are no voids on the ends.

Mike Senna

Victor Franco said...


I think I get what you are saying, but I'll probably give a call tonight to make sure (and confirm Sunday, and Saturday for that matter).