Thursday, November 02, 2006

Side Vents Arrive, Little Progress on Foot Shells & Rear Logics

Whoo hoo! The side vents arrived today! With these, now every hole in the body is filled! (Michael McMaster's aluminum coin slots will replace the resin ones when they arrive.)

It would be sacrilegious not to tape the backing plates on, and do a loose fit in the body. I hope to paint the backing plates this weekend.

I also worked for a few minutes on the PVC foot shell strips, I have to cut the ends for the middle row a bit longer than the other separator pieces that I cut yesterday. There's 24 of these total, I only cut about 10.

I also cut down the bars that will hold the rear logics in place, and then bent them some more in the vice, and drilled mounting holes for the perf board.

I think I still need to bend them even more, as a test fit with the logics in the dome didn't work out quite right.

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