Saturday, July 01, 2006

Stripped Paint and Reprimed Booster Cover Tops, Painted Ankle Details & Wedges Blue, Touched Up Horseshoes

The first thing I did today was make a run to Ace Hardware in Corona, to pick up six more cans of Rustoleum Deep Purple Metallic. That should last me a good long while. It was 101 degrees Fahrenheit when I arrived there in the morning.

Later in the day, I stripped the paint off the booster cover tops, since I messed them up yesterday. I just used acetone-soaked paper towels to scrub off the paint.

The original primer was left mostly intact, but I later recoated a couple of times, and will sand and reprime again tomorrow.

Next, I painted the blue portions of the ankle details, and the cylinder wedges.

Finally, I touched up the holes where the buttons and hydraulics live in the horseshoes. I didn't get complete coverage with the spray paint, so I sprayed some of the same paint into a pie tin, and used a small paint brush to touch up those areas.

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