Friday, June 30, 2006

Painted Booster Cover Grooves, Messed Up Booster Cover Top Paint, Trimmed Ankle Groove Styrene, Finished Hubs, Primed Resin

Another day of progress and setbacks.

On the progress side, I painted the slots and grooves on the booster cover bodies. My MDF mask didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped, I probably would have been better off using masking tape, or a combination of the two (which I did toward the end).

On the setback front, when I painted the booster cover tops, I kind of messed up the paint job in the slots. So I tried to repair that tonight, and ended up ruining the whole paint job on the booster cover tops. I need to repaint them. I may even repaint the booster cover bodies while I'm at it, I haven't decided. Most of a week's worth of prep down the drain. :(

Back to progress, I trimmed the styrene channel in the slot in each ankle.

Later, I filled gaps with putty and sanded. That turned out okay.

I finished up by using silicone to place the shoulder hub details into the hubs, and applied some primer to resin parts (ankle cylinder wedges, ankle details).

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