Sunday, July 02, 2006

One Year of Building

Today marks my one year anniversary of my first building activity.

I suppose I'm just about where I would expect to be. I figured it would take between one and two years to complete this droid, targeting completion at one and-a-half years (i.e. end of this year).

The number of mistakes I've made is too numerous to count (similar to the dollars spent), but I have to say I have learned a lot along the way. I keep a "lessons learned" document in case I am crazy enough to ever try this again.

Once again, I have to thank folks like Mike Senna, Alan Wolfson, Calvin Thomas and pixelFiend for helping to get me this far along, without their help and encouragement, no droid for Victor. And thanks to my dad and Kelvin Miyake for letting me borrow a boatload of tools, and to Kelvin again for helping with some of the more challenging cuts for me. And let's not forget the R2 Builders Group in general!

Okay, enough with the acceptance speech. I ain't done yet by a long shot. Back to building!


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