Thursday, June 22, 2006

Attached Booster Cover Bodies, Shoulder Hydraulics & Bottom Buttons

After the glue holding the MDF slots for the booster cover bodies had dried overnight, I was able to start attaching the booster cover bodies to the legs. Two screws per booster cover were all that were needed. I only had enough time to take care of one of the legs in the morning, I did the other in the evening.

I also started drilling holes in the horseshoes to attach the bottom shoulder buttons, and the shoulder hydraulics.

For the shoulder hydraulics, I attached a piece of tape (same width and length as the hydraulic) to the back of the part, and then screwed a screw into each of the two holes in the back, making corresponding holes in the tape. Then I took the tape, centered it properly into the slot in the horseshoes, and used that as a guide for drilling.

Things seemed to turn out okay.

I didn't do the top shoulder buttons yet because those get installed at an angle, and I need to take the time to do that correctly.


Calvin Thomas said...

Does the leg struts fit all the way against the leg or does it have to be shimed alittle?
And how did you attach it to the leg?

Victor Franco said...


Good questions. The leg strut should come out about half way, so that the round shaft is half-visible. I plan to have a small platform inside the top part of the hollow ankle that will support the strut from underneath. This platform will have a shallow hole drilled in it to align the bottom of the strut to where the strut should be front-to-back.

Right now the strut is in place only due to friction, as it fits pretty snugly in the booster cover.

BTW, the strut has a hole in it for a screw in the bottom, and Jerry's aluminum ankle bracelets have a matching hole, so that the strut can be screwed into the bottom of the bracelet. Since I chose to have my booster covers go "through" the ankle bracelets (for appearance purposes), I can't quite use this approach. My booster covers sit on the same ledge as the ankle bracelets will, rather than sitting on the bracelets themselves.

Hope that answers your questions, but let me know if not.