Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Screws for Booster Cover Tops, MDF Glued In for Booster Cover Backs

Now that the shoulder hubs holes are complete, I was able to get to work on placing the booster cover assemblies below them.

I laid the tops of the booster covers down on plain paper and traced them, and then cut out the tracings. I taped the tracings onto the booster cover backs, and drilled holes through the paper and into the backs of the booster covers, for the screws (heads cut, off as usual) that will go into the legs to mount the booster cover tops.

Next, I took the tracings off of the booster cover tops, and used them to locate where on the legs I needed to drill corresponding holes. I placed the main portion of the booster covers down, and then centered the tracings under the shoulder hub holes, as the bottom of the tracings sat down against the tops of the main booster cover bodies for each leg.

Once I was happy with the location of the tracings, I taped them down, took the legs to the drill press, and drilled the holes in the legs through the pre-existing holes in the paper tracings.

Even if these holes had mismatched slightly, it would not have been tragic, as they can be widened a bit. Since the screws will have nuts holding them in, they can be scooted over a bit without complication.

I inserted the screws in the backs of the booster cover tops, and gave test fittings. Luckily, all went well.

Finally, I glued down the MDF mounting slots for the main booster cover bodies. Hopefully I can screw those down in place tomorrow.

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