Sunday, May 14, 2006

Started Building Doghouse & Jig, Sanded Backs of Octagon Ports

Today I got to work on the "doghouse" that will cover the top of the leg strut. I cut a few pieces of 1/4" MDF to size, and glued them up to make two doghouses.

Next, I made a couple of jigs to trim the doghouses to size later. I needed a template for both sides of the doghouses. I will use the templates with the table saw, with the blade tilted to a nine degree angle to match the top of the booster cover. This will be clearer when I make the cuts later.

Finally, I decided to sand the backs off the octagon ports so that the latticework can show, like on the real R2 (and per the blueprints). I sanded until the resin was practically transparent, and then used an X-acto knife to finish the job.

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