Saturday, May 13, 2006

Front Vent Area Work, Charity Event

In the morning I shaved a little wood off the bottom of the back of the ribs that surround the front vents, so that the bottom vent would sit forward a bit more and be even with the top vent.

Then I repainted the area of the skins that goes around the front vents, to repair the paint chipping I had inflicted.

In the afternoon it was off to Rite-Aid, where Mike Senna, his R2, and some 501st members were fundraising for the Children's Miracle Network. As usual, Mike was quite the expert at keeping R2 interacting with the crowd and posing for pictures.

It was almost non-stop picture taking, but occasionally things got slow.

My friend Kelvin (who's power tools I'm borrowing) and his family dropped by, so we added to the donations and got a group picture taken with Mike's R2 and the 501st folks. My coworker Rich and his kids had paid a visit earlier, and they were duly impressed.

So I didn't get much building done today, but it was nice to remember why I'm doing this in the first place.

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