Monday, May 15, 2006

Glued In Front Vent Skin

Now that the paint is nice and dry on this piece, I glued in with silicone the part of the aluminum skin that goes around the front vents.

For fun, I used blue tape to secure the front octagon port into the body from behind, to see how it looks now that the latticework has been cut. Obviously I still need to paint this part.


Calvin Thomas said...

Man you just get me sometimes!!!
I get jealous everytime I look at your progress.UUHHH!!!
I'm slow at getting mine done, And yours looks so GOOODDD!!!
Hey I need to ask you something about the legs.
What is the total length of the leg only.
The prints say: From the top to the ankle line is 18.175
From the ankle line to the bottom
is 3.875
Does this = 22.05
Is that the correct way to add this.

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

LOL. Don't hate him because he's beautiful (because he's not, you'll have to trust me on that one). I know what you mean, though. Every time I check out what Senna is doing, I throw up my arms in defeat.

I've been following your aluminum leg thread on the board, sounds very interesting.

Okay, on to the legs. As you probably know, I built the leg and ankle in one continuous piece. I did follow the blueprints pretty closely, though, so I should be able to give you reasonably good info here.

I just took another look at the blueprints on the Yahoo Files link found at

and I see some slight discrepancies between the PDF file and the DXF files. I used the DXF files, and the numbers below refer to those. Let me know if you need me to covert the DXF content to PDF, I can do that (I think).

The length from the top of the shoulder to the top of the ankle on my legs is 18.051".
The length of the top of the ankle to the bottom of the ankle for the outer legs on my droid is 8.15", per the blueprints.
Thus, the total length of my outer legs, from top of shoulder to bottom of ankle is 26.201".

There may be just a little bit of inaccuracy in the measurements because I had the leg and ankle blueprints printed to size, and then taped them together and traced them on MDF for the template. Then I cut the MDF as closely as I could to the trace. See the top few entries at:

Incidentally, there is a groove in the leg that is 1/10" wide, the bottom of which is located 2.4" above the ankle. I think you may have asked about that on the board today.

The value you mentioned for the ankle height, 3.875", does not sound right. I have that as the width of the ankle, when you include the curved area. As mentioned above, my ankle height is 8.15".

Let me know if I can clarify or be of any other help,