Monday, March 06, 2006

Sanded Eye Against Dome

Today I started sanding the back of the resin radar eye against the dome. I put some blue painter's tape on the dome to avoid scratching it, then held some 150 grit sand paper against it, and started sanding the back of the eye to get the curve to match the dome.

Unfortunately I didn't tape the sand paper down, and I didn't notice that it had creased a bit. As I was sanding the back of the eye, I was also sanding out a 'V' shape into the left edge of the eye. :( More sanding may fix this, but I may get another resin eye in case I can't undo the damage. Yet another entry for my Lessons Learned file.

Michael McMaster's R2LA II DVD arrived today, so now I have the whole collection!

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John Barrett said...

This is exactly what happened to me!!! I have Keith Radar Eye, and I sanded too much of the shape out of it and had to buy another one. Good thing they arent too expensive!!! And reading your other part about sanding the eye on top of your washing machine...LOL. I do most of the sanding on mine!!! LOL thats too funny!!I thought I was the only person to sand resin on top of a washing machine!!!! But, I am still having a problem with getting the new eye to sit perfect on the dome. I want to get it finished today, I have a get-together on Aug 4th, and I need to get so much done.