Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dremeled Dome and Eye, Filed and Sanded Dome Cutouts

In what I think will conclude the work on getting the domes to fit, I used the sanding drum on the Dremel to sand down the circle area where the top of the outer dome meets the inner dome. This helps reduce the gap to the point that I think I'll be able to live with it, without resorting to cutting the inner dome. I will need to somehow shim the pie panels a bit to raise them to the level of the ribs separating them, but not by much.

I also used the same Dremel setup to sand out areas on the back of Keith's resin radar eye, per Mike Senna's advice. The idea is to make sure that the "box" of the outline of the eye rests evenly on the dome surface. By sanding down the back of the eye except for the edges, it makes it easier to make sure the edges are touching the dome and meet without any gaps. I will tape some sandpaper to the dome surface and sand the eye against it, to get the curve of the back of the eye just right.

I also filed down the tabs on the rest of the dome cutout pieces that I didn't get to yesterday.

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