Sunday, March 26, 2006

Painted Dome Panels

I painted the dome panels (both side and top) today. I also painted the eye, but something went wrong and the paint started to peel from the primer, so I stripped all the paint off and I will have to try again another day. Oh well.


Calvin Thomas said...

Was the primer completely dry?
I wash mine with Prep-all after the primer dries.
And by chance was both paint and primer enamel?
I don't remember which way it goes, But I think its: No enamel over laquer.
Sorry it messed up on you.

Victor Franco said...

I was using the Rustoleum Painter's Touch white primer. The can says you can top-coat within one hour, or after 24 hours. I was rushing things yesterday, and I only waited about 10 minutes for my last coat of primer to dry, so I'm sure it was still somewhat wet. Next time I'll opt for the after-24-hours choice. I don't think either the primer or paint is enamel, but I'll double-check the cans to make sure.