Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cleaned Up Eye, Marked Dome Panel Holes for Drilling

In the morning I cleaned up the remaining paint and primer off the resin eye, at least everything that I could reach. I'll probably try painting it again this weekend, along with the dome ring.

In the evening I marked the inner dome for drilling small holes under the painted dome panels, so that I can pop the panels off from behind, if I ever need to repaint them. I plan to bond most of the panels to the dome with 3M Very High Bond Tape, which I ordered today from McMaster-Carr (and it ain't cheap).

Here's a picture from yesterday, before I finished cleaning up the eye, with the dome panels temporarily taped in place. I always have to jump ahead and take a sneak peek at things like this. The flash did a poor job of lighting the panels.


Calvin Thomas said...

I was looking for the tape at McMaster,
But all I could find was the foam VHB tape and the lowest thickness was .20.
Jag had some that was .05.
Which one are you using?

Victor Franco said...

I ordered the 0.020" from McMaster-Carr (clear, 1/2", 2 rolls of 5 yds.), but the thickness is a concern. If I find it is too thick then I won't use it and I will continue my search. I may give up and use silicone, but Mike told me that silicone will actually bond stronger than tape, and it will be harder to remove panels for painting in the future.

Mike is using some 3M VHB tape, but I'm not sure of the thickness. He said that he worked at 3M years ago and got it for something like $2.00 a roll(!). I took a photo of the roll of tape he uses, but it doesn't indicate a product id. :(

If you find 0.05", please let me know.

Victor Franco said...

Actually, I just chickened out, and have now ordered some 5 mil tape from http://www.uline.com/ProductDetail.asp?model=S-10106&ref=6036

I hope I can return the tape I ordered from McMaster-Carr, I probably won't be using it now.

In my last comment I wrote 0.05", when I meant to write 0.005".