Saturday, March 25, 2006

Attached Eye, Primed Dome Panels, Cleaned Resin

A busy day. I finally got the (yet unpainted) eye attached temporarily to the dome. I drilled the four holes I marked yesterday (yeah, the drill bit slipped on that upper-right hole, but that's okay, the mess is behind the eye). Then I taped the eye onto the dome, and from the inside of the dome lightly touched the spinning drill bit to the back of the resin eye to make a mark for each screw hole.

Then I used my new drill press to drill the four holes in the back of the eye, about half-way deep, roughly half an inch.

I cut the ends off of four #4-40 1" screws, and used super glue to glue them into the resin eye.

Then I gave R2 the gift of sight.

Throughout the day I worked on applying primer to all the dome cutouts that get painted, and the area of the skins that frames the front vents. (I hope I can paint them blue tomorrow, but I've got other commitments, so we'll see.)

I finished the day by following Dark Jedi Keith's instructions on cleaning resin, and cleaned over 40 resin parts (a couple not shown). I foresee some painting soon, so it was time to prep them. Not all will be used, as I have some aluminum on order, but I figured I'd wash everything anyway, rather than trying to remember what has been cleaned and what hasn't.

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