Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dome Saga Continues

Today I dropped by Mike Senna's house with my dome for a little while, to get his opinion on what to do. The good news is that Mike didn't think I needed to cut the dome, and in fact a dome cut likely wouldn't help a lot. His thoughts were that I need to do some more sanding on the inner surface of the outer dome, to remove a small amount of laser slag remaining here and there that I missed earlier. I should also sand the top of the inner dome a bit more. If the pie panels sit too low, then I can use layers of double-sided tape to elevate them a bit. In fact, Mike showed me that he has a similar issue on his original dome as well, but it's almost impossible to see without getting up really close and looking for it. So I think everything will turn out okay.

When I got home, I got to work sanding off the remaining flashing, and I filed down the nubs that the tabs left when I hacksawed-out the panels. Tomorrow I'll probably sand the top of the inner dome a bit more, and maybe work on prepping the radar eye.


Calvin Thomas said...

I agree about not wanting to cut the inner dome, But I sanded and sanded mine and it would'nt sit down.
Once I cut the slot,It fit down fine.
Mine had the same gap yours had before I cut it.
Good Luck!!

Victor Franco said...

Again a tardy reply, I was clueless that anyone is commenting.

Here's hoping I don't regret my decision not to cut. After a good long look, and a second opinion from Mike Senna, it seemed as if an inner dome cut might not resolve the problem, since it seemed to be an issue with the slope of the tops of the two domes. A bit more grinding with the Dremel helped, and I'll know soon if this was the way to go.