Sunday, July 01, 2018

Filed, Filled and Sanded R5-D4 Utility Arms

Today I worked on filing material from the utility arms I plan to use for R5-D4 so that they don't bump into the skins when they swivel open and closed. I also did some filling and sanding work.

I used one of the blue arms as a reminder/guide on where I need to file material from the resin utility arms.

Time to get to work!

One side of one arm is done.

Once I finished filing, it was time for filling, with my good friend Evercoat Polyester Glazing Putty. There was a large bubble near the pivot point of one of the arms, and each arm had a small divot on a corner at the claw.

And then... I accidentally knocked one of the arms off the bench/dryer, and onto the garage floor. :(

Luckily, CA glue loves resin, and in no time it was pretty much good as new.

There's still just a bit more filling and sanding to do, and maybe an adjustment on the pivot rods. That can all wait for tomorrow.

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