Monday, April 20, 2015

Star Wars Night at Angel Stadium - 2015

Tonight was the very first ever Star Wars Night at Angels Stadium, and R2 and I joined several Star Wars characters to help spread the Star Wars cheer.

Fellow R2 Builder Matthew Henricks wrangled for me. We arrived and went to the area behind the right field wall where the characters were to change into costume.

We went over the plan. Some of us were to be at the Music Garden before the game, while others were to be at the main front entrance where they have a huge brickwork area made out to be a baseball diamond. R2 was to be at the Music Garden, which I preferred because it had less cobblestone to drive over.

We then scouted the areas where we were to be stationed.

Jedi Rally Monkey!

Around 5:00pm the gates opened, and lots of people lined up for pictures with R2 at the Music Garden.

A few of us were selected to walk the warning track with the girls that shoot t-shirts into the stands. R2 was included! We entered near the right field foul pole and made our way around home plate and toward the gate by the left field foul pole.

R2 stopped in front of the Angles dugout for a picture with pitcher Hector Santiago.

We finally arrived at the end of our walk, as the grounds crew tried to cover R2's tracks!

A friend of a friend was in the stands and snapped this pic of R2, Matthew and me.

R2's night was done, but some of the other characters got to participate in the fan contest, Steal a Base.

Finally, we headed to our seats to watch the game. Unfortunately, the Angels ended up losing to the A's, 6-3. R2's record with the Angels is 0-1.

It was a fun night and I hope we get to come back. Thank you to Matthew Henricks for taking a ton of pictures for me.

The full photoset is here.

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