Saturday, November 01, 2014

Comikaze Expo 2014 - Day 2

Today R2 returned to Comikaze Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, to help represent the R2 Builders Club, and have some fun doing it. Today was a lot more crowded than yesterday. I was told they expected a crowd of 60,000.

When we arrived, we learned that we narrowly missed having a leaking roof saturate our droids overnight, during the first rainfall in Southern California in many months. We evacuated the droids from the booth as a trashcan caught the drops.

One the convention started, Stan Lee took the main stage nearby. He's very funny and entertaining!

Droid Shaming, as Michael McMaster does some repairs to the servo motor in his WALL•E's neck. But he and Mike Senna got it working sufficiently in no time.

Gordon Tarpley brought his awesome C-3PO/R2-D2 leg lamp for us to display on our table. Love that thing! FragĂ­le!

Once again, WALL•E brings someone to tears. Possibly because he ran over her toe.

I don't like the look of this...

This one looks a little less threatening.

Baby R2!

Gordon Tarpley suited up as C-3PO and paired up with my R2. Instant popularity as we roamed the show floor!

Even with Jeannie, Barbara Eden!

We wrapped up with an attempted group picture.

Comikaze Expo continues tomorrow, but I won't be there, as my droid has another important mission to attend to. More on that soon.

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