Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Installed New Aluminum Flashing for Shoulder Discs on Droid #1

Time to install the new aluminum flashing that I cut yesterday, that replaces the galvanized aluminum that wraps around the wooden shoulder discs.

First, I have to take some junk off the droid, such as the droid lift harness, back door, mist can, etc. I placed two chairs in front of the droid in case I needed to lift him off the ground to remove the legs, although that turned out not to be necessary.

Lots of bolts to remove that lock the gas pipes together. Not all those holes are housing bolts, but seven of them were. With the bolts removed, I can slide the legs apart. Metallic Swiss Cheese.

And there it is, the hideous galvanized aluminum. You must go.

I used the hole in the old material as a template for where to mark and drill holes in the new material.

I wrapped the new material around the shoulder disc and marked where to drill the hole where the material overlaps. I drilled two sets of holes to hold the material in a circular shape.

Looking from way underneath the shoulder disc, a 3/4" #4 wood screw holds the new material to the wooden shoulder disc, and a 1/2" #4 machine screw helps to keep the material from unraveling.

One down (R2's right shoulder), one to go.

Off with the old garbage.

And on with the new garb… er, beautiful material.

And finally, some misleading close-ups of the finished work, that don't show the imperfections very well.

Get ready R2, you have some events coming up.

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