Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Her Universe Photo/Video Shoot with Ashley Eckstein

Last Wednesday (April 30, 2014), R2 participated in a photo and video shoot with Ashley Eckstein, to show off a new collection of R2 jewelry available from Ashley's business, Her Universe. Her Universe is a Lucasfilm licensee, and the shoot was authorized by Lucasfilm.

Here is the video, which naturally focuses more on the merchandise, and less on R2, who makes his appearance about half way through.

I arrived around noon at Kelsey Edwards Studios in Hollywood and unloaded R2, and met up with Ashley and the team. The tricky part is the studio is on the second floor, and there was no elevator! Suffice it to say, we managed to use the gas pipes that form the manual droid lift to get R2 up there (and back down) in one piece. I removed the batteries to save us about 20 pounds of weight.

They were still shooting some photos and video that did not require R2, so we stood by while R2 admired some clothing.

Once they were ready for us, R2 got a quick makeup touch-up before joining Ashley for some tea.

Audio and dialog were recorded, but the final video ended up just using a music track, which works nicely.

R2's portion of the shoot wrapped up around 5:30pm, and Ashley kindly offered to sign R2's back panel.

If you want to order some nice R2 jewelry, go check it out here!

The full photoset (and you just saw almost all of it) is here.


Kresty said...

Saw this on YouTube, and the club pointed me here, cool!
Did they really do makeup? ;) That was a cute photo.

Victor Franco said...

Thanks! That was a nice little shoot.