Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Glued and Drilled PVC Strips for Battery Box Attachment on Droid #2

Today I glued down the strips of PVC that I'm using to help screw down the battery boxes onto the foot shells for droid #2.

Once again I used Gorilla Glue to glue the PVC segments to the aluminum battery boxes, before I went in to work this morning. I roughed up both surfaces with sandpaper and then cleaned them before gluing.

When I got home, the glue had dried and I drilled pilot holes for the 1/8" drywall screws I'm using to attach the battery boxes to the foot shells.

And then I test-fitted by screwing them down.

A (poor) view from the inside.

Hopefully this all works when the foot shells are on the drivetrains.

Time to start putting the monster together again. He's gained a lot of weight, I was barely able to lift him onto the chairs to reattach the feet.

Still more to do. The main task remaining is to cut and paint ankle locks. My Dremel decided to die tonight, so I need to replace that in order to cut the metal ankle locks I plan to use for the center foot. I'll use the famous cutting board again for the outer feet.

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Micke Brodin said...

Looking sweet, i´ll hopefully have mine up and runinng by the time of EP VII...