Saturday, February 22, 2014

Started Working with CJ Stealth Controller

Chris James has been working on a very interesting remote control system, his CJ Stealth Controller. One of the most attractive aspects of this system is that it does away with the large and heavy transmitter, and replaces it with two palm-sized remotes that can be easily concealed (hence the "stealth"). I decided I'd take a good look at this for droid #2.

The system arrived yesterday, and today I had a little time to test it out. Instead of hooking up speed and dome controllers, for now I'm just testing with servos.

I hooked everything up and put it through its paces.

So far, so good! The servos turned as expected when I used the joysticks on the remotes. Sounds triggered properly. I relocated two of the servos to channels 5 and 6, and used the dials to one of the transmitters to simulate opening and closing the utility arms. Again, that worked as expected.

Soon I hope to test "on the bench" with a speed controller and NPC 2212 motors.

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