Monday, February 17, 2014

Continued Gluing Mounting Tabs on Aluminum Foot Shell Doors for Droid #2

Today I picked up where I left off, gluing the mounting tabs for the aluminum foot shell doors for droid #2. Actually, I picked up a little behind where I left off, as a couple of the tabs from yesterday's session did not bond strongly enough. Since the other tabs seem to be holding okay, I re-sanded and cleaned the bonding surfaces, and glued them again. Hopefully they'll stay put this time.

As for the new work, I sanded and cleaned the PVC tabs for the mounting tabs that go at the top of the doors. Six down, two to go.

On goes the glue, made from genuine gorilla.

And on goes the tab.

One door is done for the center foot shell. I hope.

I repeated the process for the left and right feet. Hopefully their doors are done too.

If everything holds, then the only door left to do is the remaining one on the center foot.

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